Xianyang Introduction

Xianyang Herald Children’s Home is the fourth children’s home founded by the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) in China, directly managed by the CCHC-Southern California. The children’s home is located in Shaanxi Province, Xianyang City (right next to Xian), promoting “Kindle love, Respect life”, and providing a loving and warm home to the local orphans and destitute children. It aims to care for the children physically, emotionally and spiritually, heal their traumatized spirits, let them grow up in a cherished and fine environment and turn them into citizens of the highest character with positive outlooks on life.

The children’s home occupies more than 14 acres, with a construction area of 7,000 square meters (about 70,000 square feet), and allows up to 120 children living in there. The local government provided the land, free of charge for 30 years. CCHC is responsible for building, direct operations and management. At present, there are 80 children living in the children’s home, age between 5 and 16. Principal Emeritus Dorcas Hua is from the United States, Philadelphia and has more than ten years’ experience of being orphanage principal. Associate Principal, Bonita Chang, is from Taiwan. They both have received professional trainings in children’s education and counseling.

Major Events

Apr, 2012 The Chinese Government granted the land for the children’s home
Sept, 2012 Signing contract with the Chinese government
Apr, 2013 Groundbreaking ceremony
Oct, 2014 Construction completed/The first batch of children moved in
Jan, 2015 Opening ceremony
Sept, 2015 The second batch of children move in

Children’s Photo

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