SanMing Introduction


Principal: 龔秀麗
Vice-Principal: 馮玉珍

SanMing Herald Gratia Children Village is located in SanMing City, which is northwest inland of FuJian Province. SanMing city consists of 12 counties and 2 districts, with a population of 2.6 million. It is an emerging industrial city, nationally known as a spiritually civilized, nationally healthy, gardening and China’s excellent tourism city. SanMing Herald Gratia Children Village is a non-profit children village, jointly invested by the Hong Kong Gratia Foundation and the American Chinese Christian Herald Crusades. It was introduced by the People’s Congress of SanMing city and implemented through the coordination of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Justice department, the Education Bureau, the Women’s Federation and the Disabled Persons’ Federation, etc. The ground-breaking and construction began in Mar, 2005 and official inaugurated on Dec, 3rd, 2005.

The children village is situated in FuXingBao of SanYuan district, occupying 13 acres and with 4 million dollars initially invested. The currently constructed area is 4,000 square meters, which is a construction scale for accommodating 120 children, equipped with health care and educational facilities, matching dormitories, dining hall, auditorium, computer rooms, library and activity rooms, etc. The children village accepts orphans whose parents are both deceased, or father deceased and mother remarried, or parents with disabilities or parents being imprisoned. It provides free foster care and education, until the children are 18 years old and thus can support themselves.

All children attend local kindergartens, primary schools and high schools. We welcome anyone with a loving heart to join the “Guardian Angel” sponsorship program. They can become the children’s “Guardian Angels” by sponsoring US$35 (RMB $300) each month to one child. For details, please click the “Guardian Angel” option on the top menu. The children village will report twice every year the children’s academic progress and their living status. We encourage Guardian Angels write letters to the children and pray for them. However, due to China’s national circumstances, evangelizing the children is not permitted.